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Expert C – C++ Homework Help

Are you looking for C++ assignment help? Are you in need of the best C++ programming experts? We have highly experienced and qualified C++ tutors for your needs. We provide solutions for problems related to programming languages like Java, C#, Python, and C++.

Introduction to C++

C++, a highly-capable programming language, is an extension of the C programming language and supports everything C does, plus many other features. C++ was created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983 while working at Bell Labs; millions of programmers worldwide now use it.

C++ supports procedural programming, object-oriented programming (OOP), generic programming and data abstraction, with additional support for component-based software development. Its design allows for efficient and reliable code execution.

C++ Programming Topics

  • Data Types.
  • Operators.
  • Statements.
  • Control Statements.
  • Functions and Modifiers.
  • Classes, Objects, and Methods.
  • Arrays, Pointers, References, and Constants.

Array Of Topics On C++ Programming

The following is a list of topics every programmer needs to know about C++ programming.

C++ Inheritance

Inheritance is a mechanism that allows one object to acquire the properties of another object. The inherited class is called the base class, and the inherited class can be referred to as a derived class or child class. When we inherit from one base class and implement it in our program using inheritance, we say that our derived (child) class inherits from another (parent) base class.

Inheritance allows us to reuse code efficiently by making it possible for an object of a child subclass to use all public members of its parent classes so long as they are not overridden with specific behaviors in the child subclass.

C++ Polymorphism

Polymorphism is a concept in programming where the same operation will have different implementations depending on the type of object it is used on. This is powerful because it allows us to write code that doesn’t care about specific data types and instead uses generic concepts, which reduces code bloat and makes it easier to maintain our program.

In C++, we can implement polymorphism by using virtual functions. A virtual function is a function that has been declared with the keyword virtual, which indicates that its implementation may change based on the type of object being used (e.g., if we want to provide different implementations for different types).

To create an abstract base class that supports polymorphism, we need two things: First, we define an interface in this class; second, we make sure all other classes inherit from this base class by overriding its functions (or not implementing them at all).

C++ Overloading

Overloading is a mechanism that allows the same name to be used for different functions. For example, we can have two functions with the same name but different signatures (parameters). This allows us to overload a function and use different versions depending on the parameters passed into them.

Overloading is used in C++ programming to increase the power of functions, add new functionality and make existing classes more flexible.

C++ Encapsulation and Data abstraction

Data abstraction and encapsulation are the two fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming. In C++, data abstraction is achieved by hiding the implementation details of an object in the form of functions and methods. These functions and methods can only be accessed from other program parts. This information-hiding feature provides data security while allowing you to change the implementation details anytime without affecting other parts of your program.

Encapsulation is a mechanism to hide the implementation details of an object so that they can be treated as black boxes (with input/output interfaces). The C++ language supports encapsulation via access specifiers such as private, protected and public, allowing you to control who can access the parts inside objects defined within classes or structs.

Classes and Objects in C++

Classes and objects are the building blocks of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). OOP is a programming paradigm that uses classes and objects to model real-world problems that closely mirror how programmers, who do not live in a vacuum, think about those problems.

A class is a template that defines an entity’s data and methods (also known as functions). An object is an instance of that entity: it contains all its properties and methods (functions) defined by the class template. Classes typically include private properties for their internal use only; these are inaccessible from outside the class (by other classes or objects) but can be accessed within the class.

Exception handling in C++

Exception handling is a mechanism for dealing with errors in your program. It is part of the C++ language and can handle errors that occur while a program runs. Exception handling has two main components: try blocks and catch blocks.

The try block is where code that might throw an exception (that is, cause an error) runs; if no exceptions are thrown, execution typically occurs after the try block ends. If an exception does occur within this section of code, execution transfers immediately to its associated catch block—or if there is none present, control goes back up from where it came from (i.e., were you called into this code).

A catch block has access to information about what occurred for it to handle things appropriately; e.g., maybe some user input caused an error condition, so they need more information on what happened so they can fix it later on their terms instead of having their application crash unexpectedly!

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